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Hello, my name is Donna Kristine Manley, but my friends call me "Kris" and so can you. I write for parents who seek creative ways to raise articulate, respectful, and educated children by recommending out-of-the box activities, experts, and resources that are fun for children and easy on parents' pockets. I do have some SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), ok call them for what they are, just friends, who assist me from time to time; that's the "us" part. I'm glad you found us. We love to create new educational items for children and parents. We love to share what we've stumbled upon that will help parents improve the success for their children. Our products are special to us and we hope you find them just as special to you and to your little ones.

I'm a children's book author, and I love to motivate and see children succeed. Yeah, it's my books on this website along with the wall art, poems, and coloring sheets. I'll be creating more "goodies" for you so stop by often. 

Born and raised in the South Bronx, but now I’m a Georgia peach living in Atlanta. I’m a product of the New York City school system, and I turned out alright.

I’m a S.T.E.M. kinda gal with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Technology and another degree in Communications Electronics Technology – I still don’t know why I  chose Engineering. I’m not working in the field. Oh, by the way S.T.E.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

That's all for now, please visit and most of all please share this website. 

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