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Refund Policy

There is no refund policy in place of any kind. You agree to this when you order from the Pinkseas shop. Please do not purchase unless you are sure you want an item.

Please do not purchase an item because you just want to "check it out." 

We have a firm and clear refund policy. All buyers who create a Paypal/bank/credit card dispute for any other reason than legitimate fraudulent activity/processing error (not due to a customer error), will forfeit all rights to purchase (or acquire anything for free) in this store for life, will be blocked from being able to visit our blog and any other websites we own, and will be persecuted by the full extent of the law for damages, personal and business loss, time lost, and other applicable losses incurred.

There have been popular scams happening where scammers claim that they didn't make a purchase in the shop to get out of paying for items and therefore request a refund. Incidents usually happen like this - person gets on the sign up list, gets a free item, then uses a discount code and makes a purchase. Money comes from their bank, and then they follow up with one or more free items in our store after that. 

If individuals are trying to scam us, we will take extreme measures to protect ourselves from their fraudulent activities and legal action will ensue.

Records on Shopify show the entire flow of which a customer orders and all information such as IP addresses and other personal information used during any of this time to protect shops from such scams. We will use all this information to prove our case in legal proceedings. 

Our standard procedure is that we block you from ever being able to purchase from us again, on all platforms, we remove you from our mailing list, and we block you from ever being able to access the Pinkseas blog and shop again. We take crime (trying to get out of paying for something you purchased) very seriously.

We are a small shop, but an honest one, and we require that same honesty from our customers too.